Світлина від Tatyana Malyarenko.
One more DAAD-funded event we organize in Odessa in beautiful mid-September
Open for graduate, PhD students and young post-docs Summer School
“Fragile statehood, minorities and armed conflicts – future scenarios for Moldova and Ukraine between the conflicting priorities of EU-Russia relations”
11th – 16th September 2017
National University “Odessa Law Academy”The summer school aims to develop future scenarios for the political and ethnographic development of the region with respect to fragile statehood, minorities and armed conflicts. In the first part, the foundations for the joint work on the project will be laid in an intercultural workshop. In the second part, an overview of the current situation in the post-Soviet area is given. The participants will be informed about the different aspects and challenges of conflict resolution. The regional focus will be on the conflicts in Transnistria and Eastern Ukraine. In the third part, future scenarios for the EU-Russia-Relations and the Black Sea Region with focus on Moldova and Ukraine, will be developed by the participants under the guidance of the lecturing team.
All questions shell be directed to Mts Iris Rehklau (iris.rehklau@ssc-europe.eu).