ESP “Social Data Analitics”


GE 01.1 Intellectual property and patent science. Part 1. Intellectual property right
GE 01.2 Intellectual property and patent science. Part 2. Patent science and acquisition of law
GE 02 Pedagogy of higher education
GE 03 The social dimension of sustainable development
GE 04 Leadership and anti-crisis management
GE 05.1 Foreign Language For Academic Communication. Part 1
GE 05.2 Foreign Language For Academic Communication. Part 2
GE 06 Introduction to analytical sociology
PR 01 Computer analysis of social information and data visualization
PR 02 Theories of social behavior in modern sociology
PR 03 International project grant activity and startup management
PR 04 Methods of multidimensional analysis in sociology
PR 05 OSINT technologies in sociological research
PR 06 Foresight methodology in the analysis and modeling of social processes
PR 07 R and Python programming languages in statistical computing
PR 08 Big data analysis and artificial intelligence
PR 09 Methodology and methods of sociological research in the digital age
PR 10 Research work on the topic of the master’s thesis
PR 11 Internship
PR 12 Writing the master’s dissertation


  1. Cross-national research in sociology
  2. The latest qualitative methods of data analysis
  3. Public relations and crisis communications
  4. Sociology of the election process
  5. Propaganda and armed conflict
  6. Sociology of mass communication and Internet
  7. Monitoring and evaluation of programs and projects
  8. Gender conflicts: history, theory, methods of settlement
  9. Sociology of war: ideological discourses, mobilization practices
  10. Academic writing and critical thinking
  11. Contemporary Sociological Theories
  12. Global Politics
  13. Social Network Analysis (SNA)
  14. Creation and development of IT products
  15. Machine learning
  16. Introduction to databases
  17. Legal provision of the Internet of things in the conditions of European integration
  18. Information rights and human freedoms in Ukraine