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Adam Tooze about Ukraine in the architecture of Europe in 1918, 1991 and 2014.

Georgiy Derlugian. Today’s protests: many movements, few achievements?

Slavoj Zizek & Stephen Kotkin New York Public Library

Richard Lachmann — How and Why Modern States Became Nation-States

Stephen Kotkin, “Stalin: Volume I”

Modern Ukraine. An International intellectual magazine.

Sociology: theory, methods, marketing.

You can now read the periodicals of 1917-1920 online
The Center for the Study of the Liberation Movement published a selection of newspapers from the time of the Ukrainian Revolution of 1917-1920. 365 issues of periodicals…

Communist Manifesto sales rise up as Penguin releases bargain classics
Ultra-cheap Little Black Classics, celebrating imprint’s 80th birthday, sell 70,000 copies in first week – with Marx and Engels the favourite so far

Ye. Golovakha
Maidans are constant protests against injustice

10 Writing Tips for Student Sociologists – Sociology Lens

East Europe Politics and Societies and Cultures

Charles Tilly
War and state building as organized crime