Students of the faculty are 100% provided with places to live in dormitories.

Our campus, where the dormitories for our students are located, is a 5-10 minute walk from the educational buildings. This makes the process of studying and relaxing more comfortable, as you do not have to spend a lot of time in Kyiv traffic jams. In addition, no one will get lost in a big city in the first year.

To the educational building №7

To the educational building №19

Dormitory №20

Our students live in dormitory #20 with a block system. One block consists of two 4-bed rooms and a separate bathroom. Each wing has a kitchen and access to a balcony.

In the dormitories also: a self-service laundry, a storage room, a gym, a choreography room, a music room, a tennis table, study rooms, etc.

Security in the dormitory:



Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Sociology and Law on socio-residental issues – Severynchyk Oleksiy Pavlovych – (067) 297 96 79, office hours – 09:00-18:00.