All the nonresident students are provided with a place in the dormitory for the duration of studying. If needed, the prospective students from other towns are also provided with a place in the dormitory during the university admissions process.

There are 20 dormitories on the territory of the university, which accommodate approximately 12,000 students. All the dormitories are located within university campus near the park zone (Solomianslyi district of Kyiv).

In the dormitories students have access to studying rooms, fully equipped gyms, cafeterias and so on.

The Faculty of Sociology and Law students resides in dormitories #19 and #20.

Address: Kyiv, Borshchahivska St., 144-146.

Dormitories #19 and #20 in the KPI map

The Student Union of KPI supervises assignment and staying in the dormitories. On the web-pages of the Union and Campus one can find all the necessary information: provision, rules, conditions and procedure of assignment to the KPI dormitories.

Provision on assignment and staying in the dormitories  

Preliminary procedure of assignment of the first-year students to the dormitories

  1. To show up on the date, indicated in the invitation to assignment.
  2. To acquire the assignment order from the dormitory supervisor and to register with passport officer of the dormitory (there should be a stamp of unregistering from the permanent residency). One should have a passport, statement from Dean’s office and invitation to study.
  3. To go through health check in KPI student clinic on Yanhelia St., 18/2 (one should have a ready statement with stamp confirming           chest photofluorography).
  4. Students liable to military service must register in military department (building 1, room 160).
  5. Having an assignment order, stamps from a doctor and passport office (for those liable to military service – with stamp from the military department) one should turn to the dormitory supervisor to be accommodated.
  6. In the dormitory: to sign a contract with head of the campus, read up “The Rules and Procedures of the KPI student dormitories”, fire safety and to pay for accommodation at least one month in advance.
  7. To get the dormitory pass.

Preliminary procedure of assignment of the second-sixth-year students

The basis for the settlement of out-of-town students of 2-6 years to the dormitory is their personal written claim to the head of the faculty/institute settlement commission and permanent registration outside Kyiv. Regardless of the benefits available to the student, there are mandatory grounds for settlement:

  • Student’s name in the transfer order for the next year of studying or in the enrollment order for students of the 5th year;
  • Properly formed exit clearance checklist;
  • Student’s name is not indicated in the list of students not recommended for settlement due to breach of the Contract on residing in dormitory, The Rules and Procedures of the KPI student dormitories, fire-safety rules.

The students who fulfill all these conditions, but after the recommended terms, are accommodated within general procedure.

  1. Having a passport and exit clearance checklist, one should take an assignment order from the head of the commission of the respective faculty/institute.
  2. With the order, one should turn to the passport office of the dormitory.
  3. One should go through the health check in the KPI clinic.
  4. Pay for the accommodation – in the cash-desk of the campus (dormitory #6 from the back of the building).
  5. With the order, stamp from the clinic and passport office, receipt on payment for accommodation, one should turn to the dormitory supervisor to be accommodated (according to dormitory number, indicated in the order).
  6. Then – one should sign a contract for accommodation in the dormitory, read up “The Rules and Procedures of the KPI student dormitories” and fire safety in the dormitories.
  7. Extend the dormitory pass.


Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Sociology and Law on socio-residental issues – Severynchyk Oleksiy Pavlovych – (067) 297 96 79, office hours – 09:00-18:00.