Master’s program «Social Data Analytics»

Sociology at Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute is your choice and mine!

The Department of Sociology of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute launches modern and valuable Master degree educational program “Social Data Analytics” (specialty 054 “Sociology”).

We welcome holders of bachelor and masters degrees to apply!

Study period: 1 year 9 months.

The educational program “Social Data Analytics” focuses on identifying patterns, trends and mechanisms of social processes based on the use of theoretical, quantitative, qualitative and foresight approaches, mathematical models and computer simulations.

Studying at the master’s program “Social Data Analytics” trains specialists who are able to demonstrate:

  • deep understanding of the principles of functioning of social networks and platforms;
  • excellent knowledge of statistical analysis and ability to work with Big Data sets (collection, cleaning, visualization and analysis);
  • operational knowledge of open source data analysis (OSINT);
  • knowledge of programming languages and data analysis tools (Python / R);
  • skills to use advanced data analysis tools (SPSS);
  • comprehensive understanding of how businesses and marketing are functioning in a societal context.

The uniqueness of our educational program “Social Data Analytics” is in the acquisition of professional knowledge and skills based on a combination of sociological concepts and methods with the latest achievements of data science.

Join the educational program “Social Data Analytics” at the Department of Sociology of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute – and you will get great professional training that will make you a highly competitive specialist on the global labor market.

Students will excel in the following fields:

  • sociological theories of human behavior;
  • analytical sociology;
  • cutting-edge statistical methods of social data analysis;
  • modeling of social processes;
  • use of specialized software for processing and analyzing large amounts of quantitative and qualitative information;
  • using the capabilities of artificial intelligence for data analysis, in particular, the behavior of social networks users in order to determine effective promotion strategies and content creation;
  • project management and anti-crisis management.

The educational program “Social Data Analytics” provides high-quality knowledge and offers many opportunities for professional and personal development, namely:

  • taking courses delivered by guest professors from the best European, Japanese and American universities;
  • participation in a host of exciting events, like conferences, master classes and internships at KPI partners from business, marketing, public opinion pollsters, think tanks, etc. All of this helps students to land excellent jobs and build successful careers.

Graduates of the Master’s program “Social Data Analytics” will possess a wide range of analytical tools combined with the knowledge of modern sociological concepts that explain the social behavior of individuals and groups. This will provide graduates of the program with additional competitive advantages, ensuring their success in finding their own unique niche on the labor market.

Join our friendly sociological community – and start changing your life and society today!

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