Masters Degree

One of the important components for the development of a student as a future professional in his field is the practical development of knowledge gained during university studies. Therefore, the choice of place of practice is a very powerful tool for improving the skills of the individual as a specialist.

The Department of Sociology of the Faculty of Sociology and Law cares about providing its students with a wide choice of organizations for internships. The department organizes internships with its own resources, which are a springboard for obtaining the necessary skills and enrollment in internships, as well as organized long and fruitful cooperation with city governmental and non-governmental institutions that accept our students for this stage of study.

In the process of study, students at the request of agencies engaged in sociology, are directly involved in planning, organizing and processing the results of sociological research.

Among its own departments of the Faculty of Sociology and Law:

One of the department’s critically important partners is the university Center for Applied Sociology “Socioplus”.

What skills can a student gain by doing an internship at Socioplus and at the Department of Sociology?

  • the student can try  themselves in the role of an interviewer, learn to communicate with respondents, understand the features of the field stage of the research;
  • also the student can try  themselves in the role of the employee of the Department of data processing and input, using the Ukrainian technologies of data input to learn both technical, and organizational aspects of the given stage of research;
  • the possibility of development of organizational skills, ability to work both with the customer of the project, and its executors, to trace process of carrying out of sociological research from the beginning and till the end is offered also;
  • the student can explore conflicts and find ways to overcome them through mediation;
  • It should be noted that the student can gain experience in both quantitative and qualitative research, the ability to process the information obtained in EXCEL and SPSS.

In addition to its own resources, the Department of Sociology of the Faculty of Sociology and Law supports students in internships in other institutions and organizations.

054 Sociology

  • Ministry of Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territories of Ukraine
  • National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Institute of Demography and Sociological Research, Migration Research Department;
  • Oleksandr Yaremenko Ukrainian Institute for Social Research;
  • Ukrainian Politconsulting Group;
  • National Council of Ukraine on Television and Radio Broadcasting;
  • Institute of Demography and Sociological Research of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine;
  • Socis Center for Social and Political Studies
  • All-Ukrainian Charitable Fund “Spirit.Mind.Body”;
  • Educational and scientific center of applied sociology “Sotsioplus”;
  • NGO “Center for Applied Economic Research “SMART”;
  • NGO “Crimean Tatar Resource Center”;
  • Educational-scientific laboratory of conflict resolution and mediation of the FSP.

Length of internships

Master’s degree (undergraduate practice)
Duration: 8 weeks (3rd semester, November)

Mr. Olexiy Bakhanov, lecturer at the Sociology Department, is in charge of internship programs for students.