Syllabus / Annotation


Mathematical and statistical methods of social information analysis
Basics of working with numerical social information
Introduction to the sociological profession
History of sociology -1
History of sociology -2
General sociology -1
General sociology -2
Theory and History of Conflict Resolution
Sociology of public opinion and mass media
Fundamentals of academic writing
Sociology of personality, education and culture
Social statistics and demography
Political Science: Conflictological approach
Mediation in conflict resolution
Inequalities, conflicts and social justice
Sociology of gender conflicts
Coursework in Political Science: conflictological approach
Sociology of modernity and modernization
Modern Sociological Theories – 1
Modern Sociological Theories – 2
Course work / paper “Sociology of modernity and modernization”
Sociological research of social structures, organizations and management-1
Sociological research of social structures, organizations and management-2
Social identity and conflicts in modern society
Sociology of deviant behaviour
Political dialogue and mediation
Mediation and peacemaking
Sociology of Economics and Entrepreneurship
Sociology of communication in conflict
Sociology of professional success
Theory and practice of negotiations in mediation
Description of practices: undergraduate student’s practice of specialization 054 Sociology (First (bachelor’s) level of higher education)

Methodology and methods of sociological research of conflicts – 1
Sociology of conflicts and wars in the context of transformations and modernizations
Mediation and facilitation in conflict resolution
Regional and ethnic conflicts_ socio-political context and peacebuilding
Sociological studies of migration and forced relocation
Course work / paper Sociology of conflicts and wars in the context of transformations and modernizations
Description of practice: undergraduate student’s practice of specialization 054 Sociology (Second (master’s) level of higher education)

Epistemology of socio-scientific cognition
Historical sociology of modernities, modernizations and development
Topical problems of the sociological research
Description of practice pedagogical practice (Third (educational-scientific) level of higher education)


Computer analysis of sociological information
Comparative research in sociology
Sampling in Sociological Research
Sociology of femininity and masculinity
Sociology of professional success
Sociology of ethnic conflicts
Sociology of security and personal development
Sociology of values
Sociology of intergenerational conflicts in the context of accelerating technological changes.
The second wave of globalization intrapersonal and interpersonal conflicts sociological contexts
Social justice and the problem of resource inequality
Social statіstіcs
Social networks analysis
Mediation in conflict resolution
Sociology of Science and Technology
Sociology of Innovation and Conflict
Qualitative methods of sociological research
Sociology of youth and family
Modern theories and practices of peacemaking
Electoral processes and conflicts
The conflict in Donbass causes, consequences, solutions
Sociology of deviant behaviour
Monitoring and evaluation of social programs and projects
Mediation in professional activity

Sociology of war ideological discourses, mobilization practices
Cross-national research in sociology
Multivariate analysis
The latest qualitative methods of conflict analysis and mediation
Sociology of the electoral process
Sociology of mass communication and Internet
Gender conflicts and family mediation
Propaganda and armed conflict
Public relations and crisis communications
Peace and Conflict Theory
Contemporary Sociological Theories
Global Politics
Academic writing and critical thinking
Quantitative methods of social conflicts analysis

Structural equation modelling
Epistemology of scientific knowledge
Sociological studies of social structures, organizations and management
Transformation and modernization of Eastern and Central European nations
Identity in modern society
Social Construction of Science and Technology
Historical Sociology of Global Conflicts