PhD training

Postgraduate training is conducted in the field of 05 social and behavioral sciences in the specialty 054 sociology.

PhD students dissertations’ topics

Surname and initials of the graduate student

Year of admission to postgraduate studies

Research topic

Academic advisor

Volsky O.M. 2022 Hegemony crises in world-system analysis: historical and sociological aspect Professor
Fedorchenko-Kutuev P.V.
Melnyk L.I. 2022 The concept of hybrid conflicts in sociological discourse Professor
Fedorchenko-Kutuev P.V.
Kazmirova O.M. 2022 Credit behavior under the conditions of wartime and reconstruction in Ukraine Professor
Fedorchenko-Kutuev P.V.
Shkurov Y.V. 2019 Transfoformation of socio-cultural paradigm of Kyiv for expansion of digital technologies Associate Professor
Yenin M. N.
Kurovska H.V. 2019 Sociological education as a factor in the formation of a sociological profession in Ukraine Professor
Fedorchenko-Kutuev P.V.
Khomiak A.O. 2017 Social capital as a factor of the migratory behavior of Ukrainian labor migrants in Poland Professor
Panchenko L.F. Associate Professor
Korzhov G.O.
Shpiker M.V. 2017 Informal social networks in support of the functioning of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and social reintegration of combatants in Donbas Associate Professor
Bogdan O.V.